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Has Spiritual Truth Alluded You?

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Mark: But alas truth like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Notice how each person you encounter describes the experience of a party, a meal or any other shared experience in different ways. Each person’s account is seemingly of different events. Albeit the same moment in time, each…

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Your Mind Is The Spiritual Background Of Your Life

Transcript Is that a chip on your shoulder? A funny expression, but so revealing. You have thoughts that don’t serve you that will run your life as long as you allow them to. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Mark. Spirit Shorts Episode 101: The Spiritual Background of Your Mind I don’t know about you,…

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Are You Spiritually Dead? Reawaken Your Dreams

httpvh:// Transcript Look closely at what is on your to-do list. How much of that work will bring your dreams closer? Your dreams will only come true as a result of the work you devote to them. A message from my Spirit Guide, Mark. Spirit Shorts Episode 95: Are Your Dreams Spiritually Dead? What are…

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Having It All by Psychic Medium Terry Hall

Transcript The mysteries of love, happiness, health and wealth are simple. But most have only one while the others allude them. There is no formula to having them all, only awareness. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Gene. OpEd: Is having it all in life a pipe dream (an opium pipe induced fantasy)? The only…

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A Beautiful Mind by psychic medium, Terry Hall

Transcript There is a world around you filled with wonders, treasures and magnificence. But in all it’s splendor, never matches the beauty of the mind which takes it all in. Message from my Spirit Teacher, Mark. OpEd: Regardless of what you experience in living your life today, there’s nothing new that will ever happen. The…

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Message: Black & White

In the physical world things are black or white, up or down, left or right, hot, cold or just right. The same holds tru in the spiritual world where things are true or false, accurate or not. But very few of you are truly present in the physical world and only glimpse briefly into the…

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Message: The time is now. Now what?

Life on this side is quite interesting. We are not governed by time only by our thoughts. Imagine life without time. What could you do? While you are on that side, you can not disregard time but you can control you mind to bend time to your benefit. Simply develop your mind to the point…

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Control your mind, Control your life

Your heart is the pump for your body. When it stops working your life stops. Your mind is something much more. It’s the architect of your existence. Developing control of your mind develops control of your life. When it starts working, miracles happen. ~Message from Nathanial

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Spiritual quotes about the power of your mind

Your mind is like a double edged sword. Is this a negative image for you? Why? A sword is just a sword. Some find it an object of beauty others an object of death. Both are true. Such is so with your mind, a duality with two roles, two purposes. It’s your reactions that dictate…

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