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Speechless: Love. Compassion. Kindness.

Transcript Love. Compassion. Kindness. Each a concept until the moment one experiences their beauty and meaning while pondering their very own existence. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling. OpEd: Speechless. Today’s message from Tau Chuan Ling reveals something I have thought about but never understood. I’ve spent most of my life working…

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Master of Your Vessel by Psychic Medium Terry Hall

Transcript Knowing and understanding, each are required for awareness. Trusting what you know and understanding it’s meaning, without delusion, is mastery of your vessel. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial. Today’s Lesson: The phrase mastery of your vessel is very interesting in today’s message. Each vessel on the sea has a master, a single…

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To change your life, understand the rest of the story

To change your life, understand the rest of the storyTo change your life, understand the rest of the story Transcript Each day presents you with opportunities to understand yourself, your world and those who cross your paths. It’s your ability to perceive the spiritual which can change your life and results. For indeed seeing the…

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Message: How often do you know what's best for you and ignore it?

What is the difference between knowing and understanding? Oft times you know something but because you lack understanding you ignore it with negative consequences. An example this entity (Rev Terry) experienced was driving to work one morning he “knew” to drive along the coastal route but did not understand why. Thinking he was too late…

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Spiritual quotes about going within

When I was younger I hated school. Now that I’m in 3rd grade I’m starting to like it. When I learn something about the way things work I like that. Sometimes I don’t understand what I’m told and I feel stupid but now that I’m older I figured out that all I have to do…

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