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Your thoughts create your future

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Mark: Create Your Future It takes a great mind to admit when it reached its limitations. An even greater mind sees beyond limitations to behold the bigger picture and greater good. Therein lies the beauty of your thoughts creating your future. The carpenter’s rule to measure twice, cut once is…

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Mental Feng Shui by Psychic Medium Terry Hall

Transcript As you walk your path, know that you are never alone. Joining you are your thoughts, emotions and dreams that too often block your vision of where you’re going. Of course, Spirit is always present if you choose to notice. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Gene. OpEd: Our thoughts are things. Each is…

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Thoughts Are Things. Especially About Monday!

Transcript But alas we arrive on Monday again, a day of some great significance. Why do so many choose to suffer so much based on the day of the week? Notice what you choose to believe about life. A message from my Spirit Guide, Mark. OpEd: So you think about Monday, so Monday becomes. The…

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Your Thoughts Are The Seeds Of Your Future

Transcript Behold your last 100 thoughts. Each the seeds of your life today. Have you planted weeds or objects you’ve chosen? Seeing thoughts as the source of your life is essential to having the harvest you want. Message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling. OpEd: Your thoughts are real tangible things. It’s been said…

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An Encinitas Psychic Medium asks: Happy Monday?

An Encinitas Psychic Medium asks: Happy Monday? Transcript Happy Monday. Or is it? Why do so many rue Mondays? More importantly where else do you allow your thoughts to follow the herd? Does it serve you? What you choose to believe is your choice and yours alone. Choose wisely. From my spirit teacher Gene Image…

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The nature of your thoughts

Look closely at your thoughts and ideas remembering that they are the seeds of your future actions if you take heed. When you’re too busy to listen to the quality and nature of your thoughts your life rushes by without direction. By observing, recording (in a journal) and reviewing your thoughts you can see which…

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