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Boldly Start Walking The Journey To The Life You Want

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Tau Chaun Ling, who shares: Getting what it is you want in life has little to do with your ability to dream. It has a lot to do with your ability to believe that it’s yours and the quality of the actions you take in attaining it. Whether you want…

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Moments of Enlightenment Warm Us From Within

Transcript There are moments when your brilliance shines through all doubt so brightly it warms you from the inside out. The Buddha experiences enlightenment. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling. OpEd: To paraphrase a Buddhist saying I read many years ago. Before enlightenment, trees are trees; streams are streams and mountains are…

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Free Psychic Reading As My Birthday Gift To You

Transcript Once a year a special day happens. It’s a day of some note. How you allow yourself to celebrate tells a lot about the person. Remember to accept any gifts with gratitude and appreciation. Then give yourself that which you truly want. A birthday message form my Spirit Teacher, Mark. OpEd: I was very…

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Stupid Rules in Life by San Diego Psychic Terry Hall

Transcript Grown-ups play weird games with stupid rules. Being played against some imaginary enemy that makes you afraid to be happy. There is no enemy outside your head, only the people with whom you never want to play. A message from my Joy Guide, Christopher. OpEd: Out of the mouths of babes. Today’s message from…

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The Game is Awareness. It's Simple, But Not Easy.

Transcript Are you your own worst enemy? I think not. This manner of thinking points to a mind conditioned in a harsh environment. Allow yourself to release these thoughts and replace them with those that nurture your well being. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial. Today’s Lesson: We each have a history which began…

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The Life You Want Begins With Your Thinking

Transcript In matters of the heart and of spirit, your mind orchestrates your reality. It does so quietly, yet profoundly. If you do not have what you want in life, love or spirit, look to your thinking. A message from my Spirit Teacher Nathanial.

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Spirit Shorts: Happy New Year 2015

Transcript Today the sun rose, like every other day. But you view today differently. A new year, a new beginning. Imagine awaking each day as though it were a new year. What will your life be like the first day of 2016? A message from my Spirit Guide Clarissa.

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The Beauty and Abundance of Living by Medium Terry Hall

Transcript Along your path are many signs, some obvious others not. A mind, quiet and receptive, perceives the most subtle of these signs never doubting the progress or overlooking the beauty and abundance of living life moment by moment. A message from my Spirit Teacher Tau Chuan Ling.

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The Counsel of Masters by Psychic Medium Terry Hall

Transcript When deciding upon one’s direction in life, it is wise to consult the most wise. I’ve found the counsel of felines most reliable. For as such, they do what they want; make the world their own; and have a profound fondness for being clean. Each of these will serve you well. A message from…

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