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Add A Thanksgiving Gratitude Entry In Your Journal

Transcript Regardless your circumstance this Thanksgiving, take time to go inside and experience love. Observe the world you live in seeing both the beauty and sorrow. Then record in your journal that which you are grateful, for indeed this day is set aside for your reflections on gratitude and to give thanks. From Jim Image…

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Thanksgiving isn't Halloween from Clairvoyant Terry Hall

Thanksgiving isn’t Halloween from Clairvoyant Terry Hall Transcript Giving thanks can take on many faces, each slightly different. As you celebrate this holiday, be aware which face you are presenting the world and whether it reflects your true nature. Remember, this day is not Halloween. From Tau Chuan Ling Image credit Don McCullough

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The Perfect Thanksgiving from Psychic Medium Terry Hall

The Perfect Thanksgiving from Psychic Medium Terry Hall Transcript The perfect meal. The perfect decorations. The perfect place settings. The perfect family? With so much attention on the perfect holiday, where is the room at the table for giving thanks for our blessings? From Clarissa Image credit JanetandPhil

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The Annual Pilgrimage Thanksgiving

The Annual Pilgrimage Thanksgiving Transcript Thus begins the annual pilgrimage of your Thanksgiving. Where history and tradition predict how the festivities will proceed. Remember you can only control your own thoughts and actions. Allow yourself to simply smile knowingly as the antics of others unfold. From Nathanial Image credit Mike

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Spiritual quotes about Thanksgiving

Gratitude and thankfulness are being remembered and celebrated by many at this time. Remember to be thankful and grateful while you are making your preparations. Whether you are traveling, cooking or shopping keep your mind in the present moment celebrating the reason why you taking the actions you are taking. My highest blessings. ~Message from…

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Spiritual quotes about the power of your mind

Your mind is like a double edged sword. Is this a negative image for you? Why? A sword is just a sword. Some find it an object of beauty others an object of death. Both are true. Such is so with your mind, a duality with two roles, two purposes. It’s your reactions that dictate…

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Spiritual quotes about magic

What a wonderful time of the year. The beginning of the holidays is magnificent. The promise of family, friends, loved ones and celebration are what connect us with a human existence. The holidays are the time to put away other worries and bothers for a short while and remember what makes life worth living. This…

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Spiritual quotes about Thanksgiving traditions

We’re a week away from Thanksgiving. A time for family, friends, loved ones and traditions. Some of your traditions you embrace and enjoy while other traditions are for the sake of others. But what traditions do you have just for yourself? This year create a new tradition that feeds your spirit the way turkey feeds…

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Spiritual quotes about giving thanks

In a short while many will be giving thanks, seeing family and loved ones and traveling. As you prepare this year for your festivities be thankful, express love and gratitude to yourself. You are here, alive and remarkable take some time to see and accept your own beauty and it will indeed be a Thanksgiving…

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