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The words of Jesus

The words of Jesus Transcript If you came across a frog speaking the words of Jesus, would you NOT stop and listen? From Tau Sing

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Message: The gap between dark and light

There are many facets in your mind. These facts can be seen as dark or light, positive or negative. It is most important to remember that dark and light are not bad and good. Bad and Good are useless terms when describing the nature of your mind. What is helpful in your development is awareness…

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Message: Accidents happen. Or do they?

If you enter a war zone, don’t be surprised if you get shot. Indeed many times you practice selective memory loss to ignore responsibility for your actions. When you decide to do something, the moment you start doing it a series of consequences is set in motion. These consequences rarely only affect you alone. Then…

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Spiritual quotes about self development

There are many ways to reach the top of the mountain but consider your shortest path is the path you are on not the path someone else may be taking who seems to be traveling more quickly. Focus your awareness on your path, your development and your life knowing you are taking the most expedient…

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Spiritual quotes about Thanksgiving

Gratitude and thankfulness are being remembered and celebrated by many at this time. Remember to be thankful and grateful while you are making your preparations. Whether you are traveling, cooking or shopping keep your mind in the present moment celebrating the reason why you taking the actions you are taking. My highest blessings. ~Message from…

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Spiritual quotes about evolution

It’s been a few days since 11-11-11. What’s changed in your daily life? Has the world changed? As you gather wonderful memories in this lifetime, be sure to see things as they really are and not as you wish them to be. You are here to love and be loved. It’s a matter of evolution…

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Spiritual quotes about controlling life

What a remarkable day… 11-11-11 Such perfection. Such symmetry. Such magic. Such superstition. Through out time, man has sought the meaning in everything he encounters. The sun, the moon, an eclipse, the stars, drought, rain, defective children (birth defects) and everything else under the sun. In an effort to control his environment and other people…

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