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Stillness is Spirituality Meditation — Meditation for Beginners

spiritualty meditation - stillness meditation

As your awareness dawns, Clues to answering the 3 most important questions in your life are revealed. These questions are: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? These answers set the tone for your life and are found within your awareness. To access your awareness by practice stillness meditation (spirituality meditation).…

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The Best Meditation for Psychics, Healers & Mediums

the best meditation for psychics, healers and mediums by ts hall the stoic medium

What’s the best meditation? Meditation is the key to harmony. The best practice for Psychics, Mediums, & Healers is Stillness Meditation. Stillness meditation and is the complete absence of thought and best practiced 10 minutes, twice a day. Stillness meditation helps you hear your inner voice of knowing, making communication with your spirit guides, teachers,…

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How To Get Rid of Guilt

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Gene who shares how to get rid of guilt: Ah the mystery of guilt, a burden from the past projected into the present that stops our enjoyment and impedes success. The funny thing about guilt being that it is typically not in our voice but rather someone who trained us…

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A Quick Stillness Break

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Nathanial: A funny thing happens when our beliefs align with actions and that thing is results. The part to keep in mind is that today’s results set the stage for tomorrow especially when we get into the habit of right action. At first, things may appear overwhelming, but in a…

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Mental Feng Shui by Psychic Medium Terry Hall

Transcript As you walk your path, know that you are never alone. Joining you are your thoughts, emotions and dreams that too often block your vision of where you’re going. Of course, Spirit is always present if you choose to notice. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Gene. OpEd: Our thoughts are things. Each is…

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The Best Productivity Tool for Getting Things Done

Transcript Thoughts. Emotions. Actions. Each an integral part of life. Consider you’re spending to much time trying to control your actions and not enough time controlling your thoughts which in turn control your emotions. A mind in control is the best productivity tool there is. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial. OpEd: The image…

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The Changes Will Surprise You. By psychic medium Terry Hall

Transcript Meditation works on your mind as does water on the landscape. Each meditation, a drop of water which does it’s part. Just as water changes the landscape, meditation changes the mind. The changes will surprise you. Message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial. The context for today’s message: Progress and results from our daily spiritual…

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To Win in Life, Simply Win The Quiet Game

Transcript Let’s play a game. It’s the quiet game; much loved by Dads. You play this version with yourself. Quiet your mind, both your emotions and thoughts. Then know. You’ve won. A message from my Joy Guide, Christopher. Context for today’s #SpiritMessage: Practice makes perfect. Or the saying goes. But for most of us, we’re…

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Encinitas Psychic: Daily Stillness Disarms Your Mental Traps

Encinitas Psychic: Daily Stillness Disarms Your Mental Traps Transcript Worry. Fear. Doubt. Upset. Each a barrier to your highest goals and dreams. A simple practice of daily stillness serves to disarm these mental traps. Not overnight, but in time. Mastering your mind takes awhile. Mastering it quickly, takes longer. From Gene

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Encinitas Psychic Shares: It's majesty reflects your own

It’s majesty reflects your own Transcript Begin each day by matching the stillness of the dawn just before the Sun’s light and warmth awakens the world. Peace, solitude and serenity are within each of us and serve to connect us with all there is. The Great Spirit. Accept your place in the world knowing it’s…

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