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Stillness is Spirituality Meditation — Meditation for Beginners

spiritualty meditation - stillness meditation

As your awareness dawns, Clues to answering the 3 most important questions in your life are revealed. These questions are: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? These answers set the tone for your life and are found within your awareness. To access your awareness by practice stillness meditation (spirituality meditation).…

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Spiritually hidden in plain sight

#SpiritShorts — Today’s message is from Michael: The magic pill is your thinking. Like any great magician, the secret is never revealed except to trusted associates. In the case of you, your brain is the associate and your mind the magician. By mastering control of your brain through meditation, your mind will reveal tricks that…

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Your Mind: A Powerful Ally or A Deadly Foe

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Mark, who shares: This thing called the human condition has been a blight on this planet since man first learned to walk. What I find most interesting is how the planet doesn’t seem to mind. Day in, day out it travels around our sun and sustains life as we know…

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What is the purpose of Spiritual Practice?

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Nathanial, who shares: What is the purpose of Spiritual Practice? More importantly what is your purpose for Spiritual Practice? So many turn their practices into a strategy to get what they want, escape from reality or as a justification to not live their lives fully. It is quite simple, a…

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How To Be The Creator Of Your Life

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Tau Chuan Ling, who shares: Stillness, silence, meditation are several ways to say the same thing, consciously disconnecting your mind from thinking. Many seek the same result from drugs, but there are side effects that may not be desirable. By learning to quiet your mind on-command, you remove any barriers…

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From stillness, choose your best course and actions

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Tau Chuan Ling, who shares: How much time do you spend fretting over that will never happen? To eliminate fear driven worries, you must first recognize you are worrying by stilling your mind, in turn calming your emotions. From a place of stillness, your ability to recognize that which requires…

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Never Satiated? Look Within To Fill Your Hunger.

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Clarissa, who shares: So many seek outward experiences to fulfill inward yearnings. While this works for food, shelter and sex, one will never feel satiated looking for love, confidence, trust or acceptance outside themselves. There is a fundamental flaw in our understanding of our magnificent minds. During countless lifetimes as…

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You Have Time To Pick & Choose Your Next Steps

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Gene, who shares: Just beyond the expanse of your awareness lies a twilight area that is difficult to see and understand. Your eyes and other senses play tricks on you causing doubt and misunderstanding. As you expand your awareness farther and farther out, this twilight area ceases to cause any…

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Discover, then honor your truth.

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Red Hawk, who shares: There is a moment in each life where the necessity to become an adult outweighs the joys of being a child. For some, this happens very early while others have time to mature physically before taking on the role of an adult. I say this because…

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Fear Blocks Spiritual Discernment & Awareness

Transcript Fear stops intuition cold and obscures reason. Look closely at what you fear. Is it the fear of greatness, upsetting others, not being liked? Each just as real as fearing the boogie man. A message from my Spiritual Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling. Spirit Shorts Episode 100: Fear Blocks Spiritual Discernment & Awareness Fear has…

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