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A Quick Stillness Break

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Nathanial: A funny thing happens when our beliefs align with actions and that thing is results. The part to keep in mind is that today’s results set the stage for tomorrow especially when we get into the habit of right action. At first, things may appear overwhelming, but in a…

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Not Happy? So You Think, So You Are

Transcript It’s important to realize with amazement the degree with which your mind dictates your reality. Look to your results to see where your mind needs attending. The process is simple, yet not easy. Message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling. Context for today’s message: It’s through the results your produce in your daily…

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Change The Rules, Get Different Results

Argh. Back to normal tomorrow. School, work and life replace holiday fun. But does it have to? Why not start this year with the eyes of a child? What can you bring about this year if you play the game by different rules? A message from my Joy Guide Christopher.

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Getting Real Spiritual Results

Getting Real Spiritual Results Transcript As Tau Sing has harped, there is a difference between doing something and merely thinking you’re doing it. Whether healing, ESP or communication be sure you’re truly doing what it is you intend. You’re results will become real. To tell the difference, quiet your mind. From Gene

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Message: The life you want

The distance between your dreams and what you want in your life is action. Get busy working to attain what it is you want while enjoying the journey to get there. The journey is what is called life. ~Message from Gene</strong

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Spiritual quotes about right action

Look closely at what drives you, motivates you and obsesses you. Why do these things affect you? Are they of your choosing? Do you take actions of your own free will or to influence others. Do you take your actions to avoid certain consequences or to bring about certain results. All the while 1,000 years…

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Spiritual goals about results

The answers you are seeking are always available if you choose to look. What is not always readily available is the timing needed to accomplish certain goals. There are seasons to ideas, projects and goals just as there are seasons for planting and harvesting. While seasons can be extended and methods changed to make things…

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Spiritual quotes about work

If you’re like this entity (Rev Terry) you wonder whether what you are doing really matters and makes a difference. This morning he was trying to figure out how to get some controversial message that would have people come to and support this site project more quickly. My message to him is simply his work…

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