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To Win in Life, Simply Win The Quiet Game

Transcript Let’s play a game. It’s the quiet game; much loved by Dads. You play this version with yourself. Quiet your mind, both your emotions and thoughts. Then know. You’ve won. A message from my Joy Guide, Christopher. Context for today’s #SpiritMessage: Practice makes perfect. Or the saying goes. But for most of us, we’re…

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It's in the quiet times your life is created

It’s in the quiet times your life is created Transcript As the seasons change and you enter the slower cycle, allow yourself time to recover, regroup and prepare for the next growing season. Disengage from the many drains on your time and energy and allow yourself time to dream, imagine and create the life you…

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Getting Real Spiritual Results

Getting Real Spiritual Results Transcript As Tau Sing has harped, there is a difference between doing something and merely thinking you’re doing it. Whether healing, ESP or communication be sure you’re truly doing what it is you intend. You’re results will become real. To tell the difference, quiet your mind. From Gene

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Spiritual quotes about inner peace and beauty

Deep in the recesses of your awareness are the answers to every question you have. Within this place it’s dark, quiet and peaceful. Many are afraid of the dark and therefore fearful of entering a quiet place of solitude even if it does offer the answers they so desperately seek. What most fail to recognize…

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