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Spiritual Power The Ultimate Mental Game

Transcript Success and failure are determined by your prejudgment whether something will be hard or easy. Your results, the consequences of your judgment. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial. Spirit Shorts Episode 87: Spiritual Power Your mind is the ultimate judge, jury and executioner of your successes and failures. Your mind determines the most…

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A Psychic Medium Shares: Stop Sabotaging Your Efforts

Transcript There is a day in your near future when you will have what it is you want. But only by deciding today what that is and taking actions to bring it about. Be tenacious in pursuit of your dreams and more so in controlling your mind’s ability to sabotage your efforts. A message from…

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Know Where Your Mind Is At All Times

Transcript The path you walk has many shadows. Each lies before you as the future or behind you as the past. In this moment there is no shadow, only light. Know where your mind is at all times. A message from my Spirit Teacher Tau Chuan Ling.

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Living life your way begins with your control

Living life your way begins with your control Transcript Notice how your mind reacts to life when it doesn’t comply with your wishes. Notice your emotional reaction to the same. Do your reactions get the results you want? If not, how can you change them? From Christopher OpEd: Today’s message from Christopher is priceless if…

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Message: Whose limits?

A very interesting thing happens as you live life… You start to live inside a set of limits that do not necessarily serve you and are certainly not real outside the scope of your mind. These limits can be health related, job related, relationship related or financially related and as these limits become your experience…

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Message: The gap between dark and light

There are many facets in your mind. These facts can be seen as dark or light, positive or negative. It is most important to remember that dark and light are not bad and good. Bad and Good are useless terms when describing the nature of your mind. What is helpful in your development is awareness…

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Spiritual quotes about longevity

What is healing? What is health? What is harmony? You have many choices how to live your life and many of your choices have good and bad consequences to the well being of your physical body. Since the beginning of man’s awareness of self, people have sought the answer to how to live longer, live…

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Spiritual quotes about mental control

A quiet, still pool of water reflects its surroundings perfectly like a mirror. Your mind, in control sees it surroundings perfectly. For the pool, a wind disrupts it’s ability to reflect. The stronger the wind the less reflective until it’s not reflective at all. For your mind, your thoughts disrupt your ability to see things…

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