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Spiritually hidden in plain sight

#SpiritShorts — Today’s message is from Michael: The magic pill is your thinking. Like any great magician, the secret is never revealed except to trusted associates. In the case of you, your brain is the associate and your mind the magician. By mastering control of your brain through meditation, your mind will reveal tricks that…

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Spiritual Mysteries by Psychic Medium, Terry Hall

Transcript Each creature has its ways, its place in nature. Except for man who has forgotten his place. Awaken to your power and freedom and choose your way. It’s your birthright. A message from my Protector Guide, Red Hawk. OpEd: As I’ve pondered Red Hawk’s message, I understand it at a basic level. But it’s…

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Psychic Medium Terry Hall shares: There is magic in this world

Psychic Medium Terry Hall shares: There is magic in this world Transcript There is magic in this world accessible to anyone who does the work to bring it about. The work is simple, but not easy. It begins with a decision to take control of your life and starts with mastering control of your mind.…

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This magical time of year by Psychic Medium Terry Hall

This magical time of year by Psychic Medium Terry Hall Transcript Where is your sense of wonder during this magical time of year. The magic starts Halloween and goes through the New Year. That is, if you’re willing to see things as through the eyes of a child. From Christopher Image credit: Joe Penniston

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Imagination Quotes: Creating a magical life

Imagination Quotes: Creating a magical life Transcript With so much to do, have you lost your sense of wonder and imagination? Your mind has many facets which when trained and developed can create magic and splendor. You can start by mastering your meditation. From Christopher.

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Message: The formula for magic

Magic comes in two forms: Illusion and Transformation. Illusion is making something appear as real. Transformation is changing what is real. When changing your life, be sure you know how they work together. Illusion comes first in the form of affirmations and positive thoughts point the direction you want your mind to travel. As new…

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Message: True Magic

Man has sought the source of magic since their earliest existence and the searching is still happening today. Over time the source of magic has not changed nor has it become easier to attain. You see the source of true magic is your mind and it’s control. From healing to materialization, your mind has the…

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Message: Don't dispair

In moments of total desperation, it’s important to remember your worst nightmares never actually happen except in your mind. There in lies the problem. That which occurs in your mind are indeed real in the manner in which they affect your actions and your perception. Your thoughts are things. Learning to control your mind and…

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