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Message: The key to success

Ah an age old question… What is success? Answering this question is the key to success. When you decide exactly what success is for your self, you indeed are successful. Most walk through life with no concept of what will have them feel successful, hence they never feel successful. As you ponder what success means…

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Message: The key to happiness

Happiness is easy to achieve if you allow yourself to be happy. By simply smiling and accepting yourself and your life happiness is the natural result. Too simple? Most of life truly is too simple for a complex mind to comprehend. Why not start being happy right now? You start by smiling. ~Message from Lao…

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Message: The key to wealth

The desire for wealth and fortune occupy have occupied the minds of many since the beginning of time. Some to the point of obsession. The key to wealth is transcending expectations. For a man dying of cancer, wealth is health. For a man who is thirsty, wealth is water. For a man alone, wealth is…

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Message: The key to contentment

For most people in today’s world contentment is a foreign concept which is never contemplated much less achieved. For indeed when contentment enters one’s awareness it begs comparison and conjures up one’s short comings. The key to contentment is accepting where you are in your life right and your circumstances truly are perfect. Once contentment…

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Message: The key to the perfect job/career

When asking about one’s job or career it is essential to realize you already have the answer to the question. You just may not like it. The key to career and vocation is preference leading to happiness. Many choose their vocation for money, fame or prestige. While others accept what their parents and guardians want…

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Message: The key to long life and perfect health

Awareness. Your awareness allows you to sense what is right and best for your body and well being. Walking your path with awareness will present the right activities, the right foods and the right relaxations which will enhance your life and longevity. ~Message from Lao Tsu

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Spiritual quotes about love and romance

A circle has no beginning and no end and for many symbolizes love. An interesting symbol. What are your fantasies about love? Are your fantasies keeping you from having the love you are seeking? It is important to know the difference between “thinking about love” and “love“. In many cases your thinking about love is…

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Spiritual Quotes about the holidays

My holiday wish for you is that you take a few minutes each day and see yourself through our eyes and not your own. Don’t think about how to do it or even how we see you. Simply quiet your mind and ask Spirit to share with you in a way you can understand how…

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