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Cherished Moments of Joy, Happiness and Love

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Nathanial, who shares: How did you spend your last 24 hours? What is memorable about your experiences? Be sure to note them in your journal for indeed as time passes it is these small moments of joy, happiness and love that you will most cherish. If you don’t have anything…

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Pursue Life At Your Best Speed

Transcript There is no easy path in life to bring about everything you want. There is only to discover that which brings you joy, happiness, and satisfaction within yourself. Once discovered, pursue at your best speed. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Gene. OpEd: Thank you, Gene for opening my eyes that I may see…

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Spiritually Speaking – Where has your sense of humor gone?

Spiritually Speaking – Where has your sense of humor gone? Transcript Where has your sense of humor gone? Your lightness and sense of ease that all other animals possess? Would not your journey be easier with a smile on your face and a mind free of burden? From Nathanial. This is Nathanial’s elaboration for me…

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Message: Learn trust in yourself

The biggest asset you have is trusting yourself especially that first initial impression or feeling you get when considering something new of different. The one that is there before your rational mind adds it’s 2 cents worth. Learn to recognize that voice and trust it and over time you will be amazed at the joy…

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Message: Embrace your passions

Each of you have something you enjoy above all other things. Are you allowing your self to fully and without reservation experience this pleasure? You may feel guilty or unworthy of enjoying your pleasures. Why is this? There are only a few rules governing your actions: 1) Do not harm another. 2) Do not harm…

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Message: What comforts you?

The sound of birds singing. A child sleeping peacefully. The embrace of a lover. What is it you find comforting and rejuvenating? Pursue more of that in your daily life. ~Message from Clarissa

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Spiritual quotes about santa claus

Who are you playing “Santa Claus” with in your life? In other words, how many lists do you keep where you track who is naughty and nice? Keeping score is judgement and judgements are merely your opinion based on what you feel or think is right and wrong. In the book called the Bible, a…

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Spiritual quotes about awareness

When you begin each day as a fresh start you have the opportunity to make it whatever you want it to be. The problem is this is rarely ever done there are too many to-do lists, bills to pay, mistakes from the past to set straight and regrets unforgiven. But I ask you to consider…

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