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Thanksgiving isn't Halloween from Clairvoyant Terry Hall

Thanksgiving isn’t Halloween from Clairvoyant Terry Hall Transcript Giving thanks can take on many faces, each slightly different. As you celebrate this holiday, be aware which face you are presenting the world and whether it reflects your true nature. Remember, this day is not Halloween. From Tau Chuan Ling Image credit Don McCullough

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A San Diego Psychic Reader's Halloween 2014 message. Boo!

A San Diego Psychic Reader’s Halloween 2014 message. Boo! Transcript One day a year, the western world celebrates the dead. Why is that? Birth and death are the one thing we each have in common. Tonight as you engage in your Tricks or Treats, allow yourself to ponder the deeper meaning of your life. For…

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Treats, tricks, ghosts and spirits…

Treats, tricks, ghosts and spirits… Transcript Treats, tricks, ghosts and spirits… What a fun time of year when the seasons change and our thoughts turn to festivities, family and celebration. Allow yourself to see the holidays as through the eyes of a child. For indeed, magical things are possible when you stop looking for answers…

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Talking with the dead

The Day of the Dead – how perfect to be talking with me. I am dead after all. Talking with the dead is never quite as exciting as they show on your TV and movie programs but exciting none-the-less. It’s especially exciting for us to be able to share with you our opinions from our…

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Treats or Tricks

Tricks or Treats Transcript This is a fun time of the year. The season is changing. The weather is getting cooler and it’s time for Trick or Treat. Trick or treat was always so much fun especially when the people you play with have creative imaginations. Think about the “treats” you’ve received in your lifetime.…

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Halloween traditions

Halloween traditions Transcript Halloween is such a fun time steeped in much tradition. It’s a perfect time to try out, test, explore and experiment with different parts of your personality. When else can you decide to be someone else and with some creativity become that person and have others accept you for a night? The…

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Halloween is a time of fun

But alas it is Halloween weekend a time of fun, tricks and treats. As you set out to celebrate the dead, the spirits, the scary and the sexy remember you can indeed allow yourself to have this much fun at anytime by managing your fear and removing your inhibitions. Imagine a world where you are…

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A Spiritual Quote about Halloween

Halloween is almost here. A very fun holiday especially for the children and those looking for an excuse to act like children. What we find so interesting about Halloween is how much time people spend on the right mask, the right costume and the right image to win an award or impress friends. All the…

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