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Spiritual Creation

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Nathanial: Spiritual Creation As you know all things are energy which includes your thoughts. Energy is a potentiality, a subtle distortion in space that manifests in our experiencing the world as solid, real. As such, your thoughts are potentialities, distortions in space that appear as real to you and create…

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Spiritual Accomplishments

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Michael is about spiritual accomplishment. Enjoy. Goals, ambitions, dreams are fun and in many ways entertaining. However as you work toward achieving your specific goals, worry not about having a specific method or path to your accomplishment. There are many paths to the same goal and all to often our…

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Master of Your Vessel. Architect of Your Destiny.

Transcript Between where you stand and where you wish to be is time and effort. Expend each wisely in your journey as you are master of your vessel and architect of your destiny. A message from my Spirit Teacher Mark. Context for today’s message: We each have dreams, goals and ambitions which we are actively…

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Message: Remember your reason why

Your journey to accomplish your dreams, goals and ambitions is filled with distractions and side shows. As you travel your path to its destination it is helpful to remember why your began this particular journey. Only you know the why and the why is the most important factor in your fulfillment during your journey. Remember…

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Message: The beauty of "in time and on time"

There are two types of struggle in life, physical and mental. For most in America the struggles are mostly mental. Jealousy, envy, anger, procrastination, fear, worry are the mental struggles standing between you and happiness. In moments of absolute clarity you see exactly what you want and how to get it, but getting requires change.…

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Message: Lost horizons

For many your goals and dreams have disappeared below the horizon of your imagination. To find them, simply shift your perspective and recall what it is you want. It really is that simple. ~Message from Gene

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Spirit Message: The time is now. Are you ready?

Many of my fondest memories form my last lifetime were when things happened I wanted to happen. I was loved the phrase “In time and on time.” Which is indeed true, but little did I know how often I was the delay not circumstances. To bring about that which you want requires single minded focus,…

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Message: The chicken or the egg

When you want something what comes first thoughts or actions? Thoughts of course then action. When working toward a goal, dream or change always remember your thoughts shape your reality. It is said “So you think, so you are. So you think you shall be, show you shall become.” But what is thinking? When you…

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