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Message: Embrace your passions

Each of you have something you enjoy above all other things. Are you allowing your self to fully and without reservation experience this pleasure? You may feel guilty or unworthy of enjoying your pleasures. Why is this? There are only a few rules governing your actions: 1) Do not harm another. 2) Do not harm…

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Message: You're too damn serious

There are times to be serious, times to be solemn and times to be playful. Most of the time you’ve forgotten playfulness. Take a break from the serious matters of your life and play a little bit. And I’m not talking about gluing your self to some picture box and controlling animated characters. I mean…

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Message: Summer time, Fun time

Do you still dream about summer fun? For many summer is a time of rest, relaxation, travel and adventure. For others, summer is nothing special. What can you do today, tomorrow and the next day to capture the spirit of summer. It’s just a mental choice after all. It truly is up to you. ~Message…

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Message: Are you wandering aimlessly?

Consider this. You are much too hard on yourself. Recall the problems you were dealing with in you life 5 years ago. How about 10 years ago? What about 20 years ago? Can you even recall what your past problems were? 5 years for today, will you recall today’s problems? Probably not. The point of…

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Message: Everyone's Irish Today

What fools we can be? And why not? Life is to be lived, enjoyed experienced and played out. Who says we need be serious all the time? This St. Patrick’s Day is a grand reason to celebrate being alive. The truth is, everyday is a grand day to celebrate being alive, but some need a…

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Message: Is it necessary to be sad?

The other day I found a cat eye marble. It was very sharp and cleaned up nice. Today I lost that marble and I was sad until I realized how many marbles I still had. I’m playing with them now and it’s just as fun. What’s making you sad. Is it necessary to be sad?…

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Message: When was the last time you had fun?

What did you do that was fun today? Anything? Well I say there’s still time to have some fun. Don’t think about it or plan it just start having some fun. See you’re already feeling better just thinking about it aren’t you? Imagine how you’d feel if you really did enjoy doing something fun? ~Message…

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Spiritual quotes about happiness and growing up

Grown ups always seem sad, worried and mad. It’s no fun when so many people around me can’t be bothered to have fun and smile. I wonder why that is. Is it a rule that grown ups can’t have fun or be happy? If that’s true, I never want to grow up. I want to…

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Spiritual quotes about fun and playing

What do you do for fun? Do you like to play by yourself or with your friends? I like to play sometimes by myself and sometimes with my friends. Whether playing with a puzzle or hide and seek I have fun because having fun makes me feel good and happy. Too many times I see…

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