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Joie and the God-Fearing Christians

joie's revival summer with god-fearing christians

God-fearing Christians caused Joie nothing but pain and suffering her whole life. The assholes did not deserve their God’s forgiveness. The God-Fearing Christians The night was sweltering, no breeze with no hope of rain. The revival tent was musty. The sweat from 200 worshipers, swaying to-and-fro to the music, was suffocating. Especially for Joie who…

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Fear is a four letter word by San Diego Psychic Terry Hall

Transcript Fear is the root of your troubles. Some fears evident, other not. Fear can not exist in a trained mind. Training your mind is quite simple, yet not at all easy. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial. OpEd: Fear is a four letter word. Like most words of this nature, conveys much meaning…

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Kicking Fear In The Butt by psychic medium, Terry Hall

Transcript Fear comes with many faces. Each with the power to block your knowing. The source of fear is typically imagined, yet very familiar. Right action is the solution. Quiet your mind to transcend fear, think about what’s worked in the past. Act accordingly. Message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial. OpEd: What makes you afraid?…

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Yes. You're On Your Path… Now What?

Transcript Being alive, you are on your path. Fear blocks your ability to see this clearly. The remedy for fear is action. Action yields results. If you like the results, do more of that. If not, do something different. A message from my Spirit Teacher Mark.

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The solution to fear controlling your life

The solution to fear controlling your life Transcript Fear has many faces each of which block your psychic abilities. Once recognized as fear, the solution is simple. Meditate, letting go of fear which is typically of something imagined. From Gene

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Trust Yourself, You know more anyway.

Trust Yourself, You know more anyway Transcript Learning to trust oneself is often most difficult, especially when you are affected by the effects of fear. Mastery of the 3-Rs is the way to know who you are and then learn to trust that person. You may be most impressed with whom you discover. From Nathanial…

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Message: You already know the answer

Fear is your greatest enemy. As you try to decide what to do, notice how deep within your awareness, your heart, your gut you know what is best but your fear of the consequences, changing or making a mistake stops you from making the decision and taking action. Whether it’s a relationship, job or health…

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Message: And why not?

Do you have a dream you’re not pursuing with all you’ve got? If so, consider your barrier is fear. Whether fear of failure or of success fear will stop you cold in often very subtle ways. Fear can manifest as procrastination, uncertainty, anger and over analysis. There is only one cure for fear and that…

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Message: The answers you're looking for…

The answers you’re looking for are waiting for you behind a curtain of self doubt and fear. What’s most interesting to note is the subtlety of these barriers for indeed only the most astute can discern them. To pull back the curtain is a simple matter of controlling your mind moment by moment and accepting…

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