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Joie’s Hell on Earth

memoirs of a seeker hell on earth by ts hall the stoic medium

Joie’s hell on earth was her own damn fault… Joie recognized the vibration but couldn’t place from where. The vibration was male with a pronounced feminine aspect that was being repressed. The vibration felt conflicted. Joie looked at Jenn and said, I get male about 40-ish. Jenn smiled and said. “Bingo. Is there anything else?”…

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Joie’s Future: "Eat Pray Love."

joie eat pray love creating her future

Project “Eat Pray Love” Joie was holding a beating heart above her head. She faced the east; her outstretched arms greeted the rising sun as she released a primal scream. Lying on the altar was a naked girl in her late teens or early twenties. Her chest was torn open, a gaping hole where her…

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The Most Spiritual Thing You Can Do.

#SpiritShorts: Today’s message is from Gene: Hi ho. There are as many ways to be Spiritual as there are people on this planet and Spirits on this side. We mostly forget this in our search for “Spiritual Enlightenment.” We each are enlightened all the time. You being exactly who you are and honoring that person…

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Psychic Development As Your Path To Enlightenment

Transcript Awareness gradually illumines your mind as does the sun, the earth each morning. Trust enlightenment to happen just as the sun will rise tomorrow. The difference being the order you have in your life. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Gene. Spirit Shorts Episode 86: Psychic Development Reaching enlightenment is lauded today as throughout…

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Moments of Enlightenment Warm Us From Within

Transcript There are moments when your brilliance shines through all doubt so brightly it warms you from the inside out. The Buddha experiences enlightenment. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling. OpEd: To paraphrase a Buddhist saying I read many years ago. Before enlightenment, trees are trees; streams are streams and mountains are…

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Something Quite Interesting Becomes Possible

Transcript Life ☠ Death. Love ♥ Hate. Light ☯ Darkness. Each seemingly opposite. Are they not simply the way of things, as observed by our physical being? Consider living in the moment and without comparison or judgment. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial. Our minds have evolved to recognize and judge patterns, to compare and…

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Accepting Your Perfection Is Enlightenment

Transcript Being perfect and reaching perfection are not the same. A sunset, a rose and a hummingbird each are perfect, just as you. The difference being, the previous never doubts their perfection. You accepting yours is enlightenment. Today’s message is from my Spirit Guide, Jim. OpEd: Today’s lesson strikes me deeply. I’ve spent hours in…

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San Diego Psychic Reader Shares: Unlocking Nirvana's Doors

Transcript Believing in yourself is one aspect of enlightenment. As is accepting one’s perfection with humility. Understanding your place in the universe unlocks the doors to nirvana. Choosing to walk through is something quite different. A message from my Spirit Teacher Tau Chuan Ling Unlocking Nirvana’s Doors is today’s message from spirit be Rev Terry…

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The Truth Sets You Free… and more

The Truth Sets You Free… and more Transcript Man is the only animal who lies, the biggest of which told to oneself. The journey to enlightenment begins with telling the truth, starting with yourself. Confused by this? There starts the lie. From Mark

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A worth while pursuit?

Transcription Enlightenment and awakening are but one goal of developing your awareness. The bigger and more pleasurable side affect is knowing. Imagine walking you path with knowing. A worthwhile pursuit? From Tau Chuan Ling

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