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The Inspiration For Permanent Changes

Transcript The inspiration you need for permanent changes in your life exists in bringing into focus your daily progress. This is best done by keeping a journal. Doing so is not the only way, but one of the easiest. A message from my Spirit Guide, Clarissa. OpEd: Have you ever seen a photo of yourself…

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Anything Can Be Yours by Psychic Medium Terry Hall

Transcript It all begins with a thought. From there, it’s up to you and your particular way of doing things. As long as you remember to consistently take action, anything can be yours in it’s own time. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Gene. Today’s Lesson and OpEd: In my opinion, the highest and best…

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Orchestrating Change To Your Liking

Transcript Examine your thoughts and actions closely. Are they bringing you closer to happiness? If not, change both. The change need not be radical, but know the slightest adjustments will bring about most interesting results to your liking. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chaun Ling. OpEd: Orchestrating change to your liking. You are…

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Message: Today is a magnificent opportunity

Hi ho. What a magnificent opportunity today is to develop your awareness, express your love to those around you or take up something you’ve always wanted to do. The fact is everyday can be as much of a new beginning as you will allow. Whatever you decide is the right decision so cut yourself some…

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Message: Start with these changes first

Seek not to make big changes in your life. Instead begin making minor changes starting with telling yourself the truth about your circumstances, your path and who you really are. These small changes take little energy but require much courage. You will find the results… most interesting. My highest blessings. ~Message from Tau Chaun Ling

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Message: The right way to make changes in your life

What is the right way to make changes in your life? There is no exact formula, but this may help. Do you want to change or does someone else want change for you? For most who struggle with changing their life are trying to meet the whims of another. If this is the case you…

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Message: Using Awareness & Intuition to master change

The beginning of all change happens in a single moment. Often this moment is a single thought and sometimes an event or action by another, but change is inevitable. Embrace it. When faced with change your awareness and “intuition” are the preferred tools. Awareness allows you to “know” what is for your highest and best…

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What offends you?

Look sternly at what offends you. Are you truly offended? If so why? If what offends you resides anywhere other than within your self, you are looking in the wrong place for answers. Indeed the only changes that can be made are changes within oneself. These are the changes that matter for once these changes…

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Message: Tuesday, 2011-10-25

Look closely at your thoughts for they indeed are the things that control your life. To make changes in your life simply change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts is simple but not easy. There are 3 components to to do so. 1) Meditation 2) Affirmation 3) Awareness. Meditation practice quiets your mind giving you a…

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