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Free Yourself With Forgiveness, Love & Acceptance

Transcript Are you punishing yourself? Self-reproach, self-loathing, and anguish are the symptoms. Loving, forgiving and accepting yourself the cure. A message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling. Today’s Lesson: Hell is real. It’s a state of mind here and now. It’s a prison in the mind in which we incarcerate ourselves for some infraction…

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Believing Quotes From Spirit

Believing Quotes From Spirit Transcript Belief in oneself begins with accepting one’s weaknesses and flaws. followed by accepting one’s strengths and attributes. Finally is a matter of loving oneself unconditionally with a willingness to change that which no longer serves you. From Mark

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Message: Love. Always love.

Many people wonder why “Spirit” is in their lives. Many people are frightened by the thought of “Spirit” being an intimate part of their life. And yet others have no awareness that “Spirit” exists and could care less either way. If you are reading this message, know the answer is love. Always love. ~Message from…

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Spiritual quotes about foregiveness

On this eve of my birth date celebration I want to share a message of love, acceptance and forgiveness. My most important teaching is “love ye one another as I have loved ye“. Acceptance is a modern word for what my life demonstrated in the fulfillment of the prophecy. Forgiveness is best understood in the…

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Spiritual quotes about winter

It is almost the shortest day of the year where this entity (Rev Terry) lives and it us often quite chilly. But this is the way of life since mankind started noticing such things. The question to ask and contemplate is “Are you accepting and embracing things in your life as they are and still…

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It is a wise man who chooses to follow his heart’s true path accepting what comes naturally and easily over that which causes struggle. While all struggle can not be avoided, your life’s main endeavors needn’t be so. My highest blessings. ~ message from Tau Chuan Ling Author’s note: The context for this message is…

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