Joie’s Embarrassing Secret

embarassing secret - memiors of a seeker by ts hall the stoic medium

Joie’s Psychic Centers Always Started Opening at the Strangest Times Damn, Joie felt it again, a nervous and uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her attention was drifting while Sandy chatted on and on about mindless rubbish. Then Joie thought she heard Sandy say the word “beaner.” Joie was present now. She pardoned…

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Joie’s Dilemma: Should She Stay or Should She Go?

joie's dilemma - memiors of a seeker

Joie’s dilemma was a familiar one… I’m at the same damn place again, will I ever learn? Will I ever have a relationship that works? Joie had been at this crossroads too many times to count, watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean while trying to make a decision. This time it was whether to…

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BEWARE: The Psychic Scam Artist

clairvoyant scammer

The Tale of a Clairvoyant Scammer What would you do? If there was ever a time Donna would sell her soul to the devil, this was it. She had to make a decision, and it sucked big time. In desperation to make the right choice, Donna threw a Hail Mary pass… It all started when…

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Video from Spirit360: A Spiritualist Looks at Heaven and Hell

spirit360 fellowship heaven hell

A Spiritualist Looks at Heaven & Hell April 22, 2018 @Spirit360Family we believe: Heaven and Hell are real and exist as states of mind, here and now. A state of mind, way of being—here and now Let’s call him Aaron. Utah, Mormon, Gay, electro-shock.A journey not a destination Mark Twain — “I understand that when…

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Getting Rid of Evil Spirits

Getting rid of evil spirits: A bulletproof, three-step process. It was late October, and they were tucked in and snuggled away in a mountain cabin on a couch next to a toasty stone hearth celebrating their anniversary. The TV played a séance to contact Harry Houdini. The wind was blowing making some branches scrape the…

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Know your future, plan accordingly and walk with confidence

When you know your future you can plan accordingly and walk your path with the confidence of knowing. How many times have you had a feeling that something was about to happen, in your near future, but didn’t entirely trust yourself to listen? Knowing your future works like this… Future events cast a shadow before…

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Spiritually hidden in plain sight

#SpiritShorts — Today’s message is from Michael: The magic pill is your thinking. Like any great magician, the secret is never revealed except to trusted associates. In the case of you, your brain is the associate and your mind the magician. By mastering control of your brain through meditation, your mind will reveal tricks that…

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