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Spiritual Power for Beginners

spiritual power is a wellspring within you

A wellspring of spiritual power for beginners… Within you is a wellspring of spiritual power. It’s infinite. It’s of the same nature as the universe. This source. This higher power. This light is your Spirit. The essence of you. The never ending you. You know it exists. You feel its presence from time to time.…

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Stillness is Spirituality Meditation — Meditation for Beginners

spiritualty meditation - stillness meditation

As your awareness dawns, Clues to answering the 3 most important questions in your life are revealed. These questions are: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? These answers set the tone for your life and are found within your awareness. To access your awareness by practice stillness meditation (spirituality meditation).…

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What is God? — Spirituality for Beginners

what is go - go id

Spiritual beginners often ask What is God?!? God Is. It’s best to think of God like the Force in Star Wars. God is NOT an entity or a spirit. God, as an entity, was created by man. Jesus said: God is Spirit. John 4:24 Spirit is energy. Energy gives us the innate order of the…

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The Best Meditation for Psychics, Healers & Mediums

the best meditation for psychics, healers and mediums by ts hall the stoic medium

What’s the best meditation? Meditation is the key to harmony. The best practice for Psychics, Mediums, & Healers is Stillness Meditation. Stillness meditation and is the complete absence of thought and best practiced 10 minutes, twice a day. Stillness meditation helps you hear your inner voice of knowing, making communication with your spirit guides, teachers,…

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A Spirit Unboxed—Spirituality and Death

spirituality and death | spiritual death | what does one say

Today a dear friend’s son-on-law died. What does one say to comfort the living? When I touched his vibration…When I touched his Spirit—his pure essence. I felt he was “un-boxed.” No more pain. No more suffering. Only love, peace, acceptance. I am blessed to know these things. I am blessed to teach others to know…

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Joie’s Hell on Earth

memoirs of a seeker hell on earth by ts hall the stoic medium

Joie’s hell on earth was her own damn fault… Joie recognized the vibration but couldn’t place from where. The vibration was male with a pronounced feminine aspect that was being repressed. The vibration felt conflicted. Joie looked at Jenn and said, I get male about 40-ish. Jenn smiled and said. “Bingo. Is there anything else?”…

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Joie’s Future: "Eat Pray Love."

joie eat pray love creating her future

Project “Eat Pray Love” Joie was holding a beating heart above her head. She faced the east; her outstretched arms greeted the rising sun as she released a primal scream. Lying on the altar was a naked girl in her late teens or early twenties. Her chest was torn open, a gaping hole where her…

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Joie’s Dilemma – Part Two

The Voice In Her Head Was On A Roll After her reading from Mick, Joie sat in her car angry with herself. Once her reading ended, she realized she’d never started the recording. The belittling voice in her head was on a roll. Joie had long called this voice Becky after her Mom’s name. But…

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A Mother’s Love

a mother's love - a joie d'sprit story by ts hall the stoic medium

Joie finally gets her Mother’s love. Joie was driving to meet Mick. She was getting a spiritual reading to sort out her confusion. She was very confused about her next steps after her Mom’s visit. Waves of memories and feelings flooded Joie’s consciousness after her Mother visited. She’d pushed these memories into the farthest corners…

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