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Spiritualism: A Simple Truth

BEWARE: The Psychic Scam Artist

clairvoyant scammer

The Tale of a Clairvoyant Scammer What would you do? If there was ever a time Donna would sell her soul to the devil, this was it. She had to make a decision, and it sucked big time. In desperation to make the right choice, Donna threw a Hail Mary pass… It all started when…

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Video from Spirit360: A Spiritualist Looks at Heaven and Hell

spirit360 fellowship heaven hell

A Spiritualist Looks at Heaven & Hell April 22, 2018 @Spirit360Family we believe: Heaven and Hell are real and exist as states of mind, here and now. A state of mind, way of being—here and now Let’s call him Aaron. Utah, Mormon, Gay, electro-shock.A journey not a destination Mark Twain — “I understand that when…

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