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Memoirs of a Seeker

Joie’s Hell on Earth

memoirs of a seeker hell on earth by ts hall the stoic medium

Joie’s hell on earth was her own damn fault… Joie recognized the vibration but couldn’t place from where. The vibration was male with a pronounced feminine aspect that was being repressed. The vibration felt conflicted. Joie looked at Jenn and said, I get male about 40-ish. Jenn smiled and said. “Bingo. Is there anything else?”…

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Joie’s Future: "Eat Pray Love."

joie eat pray love creating her future

Project “Eat Pray Love” Joie was holding a beating heart above her head. She faced the east; her outstretched arms greeted the rising sun as she released a primal scream. Lying on the altar was a naked girl in her late teens or early twenties. Her chest was torn open, a gaping hole where her…

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Joie’s Dilemma – Part Two

The Voice In Her Head Was On A Roll After her reading from Mick, Joie sat in her car angry with herself. Once her reading ended, she realized she’d never started the recording. The belittling voice in her head was on a roll. Joie had long called this voice Becky after her Mom’s name. But…

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A Mother’s Love

a mother's love - a joie d'sprit story by ts hall the stoic medium

Joie finally gets her Mother’s love. Joie was driving to meet Mick. She was getting a spiritual reading to sort out her confusion. She was very confused about her next steps after her Mom’s visit. Waves of memories and feelings flooded Joie’s consciousness after her Mother visited. She’d pushed these memories into the farthest corners…

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Joie and the God-Fearing Christians

joie's revival summer with god-fearing christians

God-fearing Christians caused Joie nothing but pain and suffering her whole life. The assholes did not deserve their God’s forgiveness. The God-Fearing Christians The night was sweltering, no breeze with no hope of rain. The revival tent was musty. The sweat from 200 worshipers, swaying to-and-fro to the music, was suffocating. Especially for Joie who…

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Joie Discovers Zen Sex

zen sex - memiors of a seeker by ts hall the stoic medium

Zen Sex? Yes, It’s A Thing. Samuel learned fast. Joie thought he must be simple-minded. She felt mean-spirited, pissed at herself for begrudging how Samuel took to meditation like a fish to water. His ability to concentrate surprised her the most. They reserved the perfect Airbnb in Big Bear, a secluded Classic Airstream trailer. Next…

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Joie d’Sprit: "The Talk"

joie has the talk - memiors of a seeker by ts hall the stoic medium

“The Talk” Joie woke with a start. Filled with terror, sweating bullets, and unsure where she was. She looked at Samuel. He was sleeping. Scanning the room, she noticed nothing out of place. “The Talk”: What The Hell Was That? Taking a deep breath, Joie tried to remove herself from fear’s grip. She reached for…

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Joie: Sleeping with the Frenemy

sleeping with the frenemy by ts hall

Frenemy: A lifelong friend is now an enemy. Joie wandered away from Jenn feeling alone, isolated. Every person she saw seemed to trigger a nasty judgment or snarky comment in her head. She was seeking refuge, a safe place to sit, quiet her mind, and calm her emotions. As she walked, Joie heard other voices…

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“Are you Christian?!?”

are you chrisitan - a joie d'sprit story by ts hall the stoic medium

Their confronter was angry; Joie and Jenn felt threatened. Joie was about to get in his face and shout “NO!” which seemed like a bad idea when a movie line popped into her head, “Truth? You can’t handle the truth!” She took a deep breath, not answering. She’d grown up an Evangelical Southern Baptist, but…

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Joie’s Embarrassing Secret

embarassing secret - memiors of a seeker by ts hall the stoic medium

Joie’s Psychic Centers Always Started Opening at the Strangest Times Damn, Joie felt it again, a nervous and uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her attention was drifting while Sandy chatted on and on about mindless rubbish. Then Joie thought she heard Sandy say the word “beaner.” Joie was present now. She pardoned…

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